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Celebrating the mother figure in your life: a look ahead to Mother's Day

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An etiquette expert says Mother's Day can be about celebrating any mother figure in your life; an aunt, cousin, dad

When it comes to getting your mother figure a present, expert Sunita Padda says it's important to go with sentiment

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you just have to celebrate your birth mom.

“Mother figures can really be different for everybody,” explains Etiquette Expert and Founder of TableSmarts Sunita Padda. She says you can celebrate any mother figure — from an aunt to a cousin, a grandmother or even a dad.

The day doesn’t have to be stressful — and don’t feel obligated to celebrate on just May 13th.

“You can always make reservations, spa bookings, gift purchases, etcetera, on different days. You don’t have to necessarily fall on that specific day so you can celebrate your mother or your mother figure at any time.”

However, if you are planning to celebrate another time, Pradda recommends keeping it near the actual day. “Just because… it’s in the air and everyone’s thinking about it. The chances of you getting a great booking on a different weekend are much higher.”

While most moms want to spend time with their young kids — they might also want a break, Pradda explains.

“Spending the morning with her babes and then going off to the spa in the afternoon. What I recommend is that families communicate what they want and don’t hesitate to say what you’re really hoping to have happen on Mother’s Day.”

As for a present — Pradda says it’s important to go with sentiment.

“What does your mother love? What does she enjoy? What do they need or event want? Pay attention to these questions and inevitably you will find a gift that will be unique and heartfelt.”