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Federal minister travelling to Nigeria to address spike in asylum seekers

(Cormac MacSweeney, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Immigration minister going to Africa as Canada struggles to deal with influx of asylum seekers

Ottawa stresses there is no free ticket into the country as more asylum seekers cross the border

OTTAWA, ON. (NEWS 1130) – The Trudeau government continues to struggle with the flow of migrants coming into Canada from the US as one minister promises to travel to Nigeria to address the recent rise in asylum seekers from that country.

Many of the asylum claimants are getting visas to visit the US and then trying to enter Canada illegally to claim refugee status here.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says the government has been working with American officials to address the problem.

“The US has taken action with respect to this issue. This includes cancelling visas and denying applicants’ visas.”

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Canada has also assigned three officials to work with the US embassy in Nigeria, and Hussen adds he will visit the African nation this month. “To further build on these outreach efforts and liaison with senior Nigerian government officials on these issues.”

As many as 90 people a day are crossing the border into Canada in Lacolle, Que. and 90 per cent are not expected to qualify for refugee status.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale reassures Canadians that all illegal border crossers are arrested and processed.

Hussen echoes Goodale’s comments and they say there is no free ticket into Canada.

The pair were two of three senior Trudeau government ministers to address the border issue today.