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Royal newlyweds could make regular Canada trips: Monarchist League

Last Updated May 19, 2018 at 3:44 pm PDT

(Courtesy Kensington Palace via Twitter)

The Monarchist League says don't be surprised to see the newly wed royals in Canada, given their ties to the country

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The world’s eyes were on Prince Harry and his new bride this morning as the couple tied the knot at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

And now that they’re officially married, they could be spending quite a bit of time on this side of the pond.

Given Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ties to Canada, don’t be surprised to see the pair in this country from time to time, says Bruce Hallsor of the Monarchist League.

“I think she has a lot of friends in Canada, there are Canadian guests at the wedding,” he says. “And of course Harry has ties to Canada himself, he’s been here a number of times and likes the country. He’s part of our royal family.”

Markle’s obvious tie to Toronto is the fact she made that city her home while she starred in the ‘Suits’.

“We are probably going to see this couple and they’ll be part of civic life. I’m sure that the future Duke and Dutchess of Sussex will be in Canada many times handing out awards.”

Whenever the royals are in the spotlight, there are questions about whether the monarchy is relevant.

However, Hallsor says the movement to abolish the throne has abated in the last 20 years, unlike when the royals were in the midst of scandals a few decades ago.

He says most Canadians are happy the Crown is part of our political system. Hallsor adds the nice thing about watching the family, is that unlike politicians, they don’t have to campaign for votes, and they’re fairly predictable.