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Appeal granted to Vancouver lottery winner suing former friend

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A Vancouver lottery winner is still waiting to be repaid, more than 10 years after loaning a friend money to buy a house

BC's highest court has overturned a ruling which determined a lottery winner waited too long to sue her former friend

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – More than 10 years after a Vancouver lottery winner loaned a friend money to buy a house, she’s still waiting for repayment — but there’s hope she might get it back.

The BC Court of Appeal has overturned a lower ruling which determined Enone Rosas waited too long to sue her former friend Isabel Toca in 2014.

The $600,000 interest-free loan was made in 2007 after Rosas won a 6-49 lottery draw worth $4.1-million.

She says she was initially promised repayment within a year, but Toca claims the money was always a gift.

In 2016, a BC Supreme Court judge ruled it was a loan, but the case was dismissed because there was no legal obligation to pay it back and the original one-year term expired.

The higher court has now determined there’s no due date because Rosas was repeatedly promised the money would eventually be paid back.