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Will Calgary follow Vancouver's lead on the plastic straw ban?

Last Updated May 21, 2018 at 12:04 pm PST

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CALGARY (NEWS 1130) – As Vancouver continues to strive to be the Greenest City by 2020, City Council voted to ban plastic straws and foam cups by 2019 as a part of it’s new zero waste plan.

The city voted on the issue last week, and now there’s a silmilar movement growing in Calgary.

Restaurants and bars are being asked to give up straws just for one day–July 14th.

PlasticFreeYYC is spearheading the “Last Straw Calgary” campaign. The organization’s Isabelle Couture says eventually, they’d like to see even more people go straw-free.

“Straws are not recyclable at the moment, so they go straight in the garbage,” she says. It’s estimated 50-million straws are tossed in the garbage across Canada every day.

There will likely be some resistance, as there already is in Vancouver.┬áCouture says she understands if some businesses aren’t jumping at the opportunity to eliminate straws from the happy hour cocktails.

“We want to show [restaurants and bars] that it is for the good of all. Customers will still come to your business and encourage you.”

It’s not yet clear as to if that city’s council will also move to ban straws.