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Prepare for long weekend roadblocks, check stops on your drive home


Police checking for speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence

WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Police are keeping an eye on the highways into town as many people head home after the long weekend.

Constable Jeff Palmer with West Vancouver Police says traffic officers will be patrolling the Upper Levels highway.

“[It’s] certainly a time where we, a long with all of our partner agencies, are keeping an eye just to ensure people are planning adequately, travelling safely and more importantly getting home safely,” says Palmer.

“Different years you might get different results, but certainly there’s the potential for higher collision risks on the long weekend and we really need people to be aware of that.”

Officers aren’t just worried about speeding and distracted driving. Palmer says if you’ve gone camping–and you’re driving–you better be sober.

“If you are consuming large amounts of alcohol you really have to allow many, many hours for your body to metabolize that out of your system,” he says, adding daytime road blocks in years past have revealed some interesting results.

“A surprising number of people from camping trips who just haven’t allowed enough time to pass from when they consumed intoxicants and then end up getting their vehicle impounded for still having, unfortunately, too much alcohol or whatever in their system.”

Palmer says there’s typically an increase in crashes over the May long weekend.