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Mercury rising as Environment Canada issues special weather statement

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Grab a hat and some sunscreen as temperatures are about to rise around BC

Hot weather prompts Environment Canada to issue heatwave warning for BC

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s going to be beautiful across Metro Vancouver in the coming days as temperatures are expected to hit the 30-degree mark.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for most of the region explaining there is a “major shift” in the weather pattern bringing with it the first heatwave of the season.

Thanks to a ridge of high pressure, the rain we’ve been seeing lately will completely dissipate. By Sunday, the agency predicts temperatures away from the water will hit the low 30s and by next week the Interior will feel the same thing as eventually the heat will spread province-wide.

This pattern, says Environment Canada, is expected to stick around until the middle of next week, if not longer.

Remember to wear long sleeves, a hat, stay hydrated and make sure you’re slathering on the sunscreen.

Never leave your children in the car and there’s also a renewed warning from the SPCA to never leave your pets in a hot car either.

“It just seems the message isn’t getting out to people,” explains Lori Chortyk, general manager of community relations, who¬†says the BC SPCA got more than 1,000 calls last year about animals in distress in hot cars.

“We know that people bring their pets with them on their errands because they love their pets,” she adds. “They want to be with them and we know that people would never intentionally putting their pet’s life in danger.”

The animal protection group says it can take less than 10 minutes for a pet in a hot car to suffer brain damage or die. Chortyk suggests parking the car in some shade and leave the windows cracked open a bit.

You’re urged to call the animal cruelty hotline if you see an animal in a hot car.

The other downfall of the hot weather is the number of break-ins that tends to rise thanks to doors and windows that are left open.

“Windows are often left open to welcome fresh air into our homes during the warmer months, but you may be providing a criminal with easy access to your home,” says Vancouver Police Constable Jason Doucette. “It doesn’t matter if you are home or not, if it’s day or night, or what floor you live on – thieves are getting in through insecure windows and doors.”

They recommend locking everything and consider getting to know your neighbours as just one way to help prevent crime.