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Horgan unfazed as NDP MLA runs for mayor, jeopardizing party's slim grasp of power

Last Updated Jun 17, 2018 at 10:10 am PDT

BC NDP Leader John Horgan (L) and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver. (Photo via Twitter: @jjhorgan)

Premier not concerned about NDP MLA running for mayor, sparking by-election

NDP/Green alliance could be on shaky ground as long-time New Democrat runs for mayor in Nanaimo

NANAIMO (NEWS 1130) – BC’s premier doesn’t seem to be worried that one of his long-time MLA’s is running to be the mayor of Nanaimo.

If Leonard Krog wins, a by-election could turn over control of the House to the opposition.

Krog announced his intentions last week during a news conference where even he admitted it was one of the worst kept secrets in BC politics.

Right now the NDP/Green alliance only has one more seat than the Liberals, 43 to 42, so losing a by-election could put the house at a stalemate forcing Speaker Darryl Plecas to vote on any potential tie-breakers. He was booted from the Liberal caucus last year.

However, that doesn’t seem to bug Premier John Horgan. “It is a very strong NDP constituency but every constituency has to be looked at every time there’s an election.”

Horgan adds he’s excited for Krog and hopes he wins.

The premier also isn’t too concerned the BC Green Party will steal a seat either. “The Green Party ran in the last election and the one before that, and the one before that — there were Conservative candidates — anyone who wants to put their name forward, should put their name forward.”

Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson has also thanked Krog for his service to BC and wished him the best in his run for mayor.

“Mr. Krog and Premier Horgan know what’s at stake. With an unstable minority government propped up by three Green MLAs in the legislature, the implications of this by-election are significant for the entire province,” Wilkinson said in a statement.

The nomination period for BC’s general local elections is from Sept. 4 to Sept. 14 and the campaign starts on Sept. 22 until the general voting day on Oct. 20.

Krog has been with the NDP since 1991.