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'Be as fresh as you can': TransLink has some transit etiquette reminders

FILE PHOTO. (Photo by Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As we get into the hot summer months, TransLink is giving us a bit of a refresher when it comes to etiquette.

“Years ago, we had a competition to see what people’s biggest pet peeves were on transit. It was the smell of some of your fellow travellers,” says Robert Willis, the manager of social media and digital content at TransLink.

“Be as fresh as you can. We certainly recommend that. We know that not everybody has access to a shower and whatnot — construction workers and different people don’t have access to showers — so we totally understand that. But if you have the ability, please try to be as fresh as possible.”

You can also open windows to get the air moving.

Other tips:

  • Seats are for your butt, not your shoes
  • Don’t deliberately take up more than one seat
  • Keep your conversations with others or on your phone to a reasonable level

“And let’s make sure that we go to the back of the bus and we also make free the doorway areas,” says Willis.

“It’ll be a better experience for everybody.”