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Weed delivery service Duber pops up in Toronto

Last Updated Jul 7, 2018 at 1:29 pm PST

TORONTO (NEWS 1130) – A new weed-delivery service is popping up in the Toronto area. Duber business cards have been left at businesses and homes around the city, offering a variety of products and free same-day delivery.

But is this service legal? The short answer is no, and one expert says it might never be legal, even as Canada moves to legalize recreational pot on October 17th.

Duber orders are made via text–the service even offers to roll your joints for you. The Toronto Police say there’s no confusion surrounding the legality of this delivery service.

“We’ve been very clear and in spite of the efforts of the people industry to suggest there’s a grey area, there is no grey area. It’s absolutely black and white and if you have no legal authority to sell you are breaking the law,” says Mark Pugash with the Toronto Police.

Lawyer Harrison Jordan echoes those sentiments.

“It’s completely illegal. It violates both provincial and federal laws,” he says.

Jordan specializes in cannabis law.

When marijuana becomes legal, provinces will be controlling the distribution. The former Ontario Liberals established a plan for a provincially-controlled monopoly on pot sales through a cannabis-specific arm of the LCBO.

Now-Premier Doug Ford eluded to a service like this during his campaign, but since assuming the role of premier he hasn’t made any mentions of it again. He now says he doesn’t foresee a service like Duber becoming legal.

Duber has been operating for a year or so, according to the company’s spokesperson. Right now they’re trying to keep quiet about the business to avoid any potential trademark infringement claims from ride-sharing service Uber.