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Camp Cloud protesters defy eviction notice, say 'it's just a piece of paper'

Last Updated Jul 21, 2018 at 12:54 pm PDT

Camp Cloud protesters were handed an eviction notice by the City of Burnaby on Wednesday, July 18, 2018. (Taran Parmar, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Protesters at Camp Cloud say they're not leaving despite the deadline of a 72 hour eviction notice passing

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – They’re not going anywhere: That’s the message from members of Camp Cloud, who had been handed an eviction notice earlier this week.

The City of Burnaby’s 72 hour eviction notice, which expired at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, was ignored by protesters.

Instead, they continue to paint signs, sing traditional songs, and tend to the sacred fire they’ve built at the site — which city staff have deemed hazardous.

Kwitsel Tatel, the leader at Camp Cloud, says an eviction notice means nothing to members who’ve been camped outside the Kinder Morgan tank farm since late last year.

“We are here to express our opposition to this expansion for public safety, public interest, and public health.”

Protesters say the eviction notice is “just another piece of paper”. Tatel claims the city didn’t talk to demonstrators about their concerns related to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

“[The city] came many times with orders instead of questions and concerns. And I’m respectfully announcing that that is not good faith discussion or negotiation,” she says. “The eviction notice was wrongfully issued, without proper consultation and consideration.”

The group plans to meet with city officials to address safety concerns cited at the camp.

On Wednesday, the City of Burnaby handed protesters the notice which required they take down their tents, signs, and leave the area.

“The eviction notice requires that they bring their structures, equipment, and trailers in full compliance with the city bylaw–that means the removal of all structures, vehicles, and extinguish of open fires, and removal of showers, for public safety, fire safety, and environmental concern,” City Manager Lambert Chu said on Wednesday.

Among the safety concerns is a two-storey structure being built at the camp, which city staff say comes dangerously close to some live Hydro wires.

Protesters have built a two-storey structure at Camp Cloud, which the City of Burnaby says comes too close to live hydro wire. (Taran Parmar, NEWS 1130 Photo)

“That poses safety concerns to the occupants…and also to the general public and the neighbourhood too,” Chu said. “It’s not too difficult to generate electrical sparks when you’re this close to live wires, and that will have very serious consequences.”

So far, no action to take down the structures have been made by either the City of Burnaby or the RCMP.