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British Columbians say 'yes' to public inquiry on money laundering: poll

Last Updated Aug 23, 2018 at 4:45 pm PST

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A new poll by Research Co. has found most British Columbians are in favour of a public inquiry into money laundering

Close to 90 per cent of those polled want the BC government to hire an Anti-Corruption Commissioner, like in Quebec

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A new poll is showing 76 per cent of British Columbians support a public inquiry delving into money laundering at casinos.

Nearly eight out of ten people surveyed in the latest Reasearch Co. poll support a deeper investigation, but President Mario Canseco admits he didn’t ask if that should be done by police.

“We do see a little bit of support for that idea of let’s just try to figure out what happened. Having an investigation through the RCMP might lead to a couple of arrests, but it might not actually lead to the change that you need to see happening to make sure that something like what we saw in those videos doesn’t happen again.”

The poll found almost 90 per cent of the 800 participants also want the province to hire an Anti-Corruption Commissioner — similar to what Quebec has.

Canseco adds the support doesn’t seem to be politically-motivated. He says British Columbians place most of the blame on the BCLC.

“The level of support for the inquiry was very high to start with, but it definitely shows that there’s more residents who are paying more attention to the situation and the appetite for a very deep investigation into what happened and why is still very much on the minds of Many British Columbians,” he says. “I wasn’t expecting the numbers to change that much and I was curious also to try to figure out whether the anti-corruption office was something that BC residents would like to see happen and the answer to both was yes.”

The online survey taken earlier this month comes nearly two months after Attorney General David Eby published Dirty Money, a scathing report which found criminals have been using casinos as laundromats for dirty money linked mainly to the drug trade.

It’s something the current NDP government blames on the former Liberal administration.