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‘It's very eye-opening’: Vancouver firefighters return following wildfire season

Last Updated Sep 19, 2018 at 11:44 am PST

Firefighters get a handle on a wildfire near Shovel Lake, Aug. 18, 2018 (Via twitter, @BCGovFireInfo)

Vancouver fire crews back home following wildfire season

Multiple fire crews from the Lower Mainland were deployed to help with the firefighting efforts

There are currently more than 450 fires burning across B.C.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As cooler, wetter conditions help fire crews across B.C., volunteer firefighters from the Lower Mainland have finally returned home. This includes Vancouver Fire Captain Randy Dubbert who volunteered to spend a number of weeks in the Interior helping the wildfire fighting efforts.

Dubbert says that even though Vancouver fire crews didn’t have a lot of experience with wildfires, that didn’t stop them from volunteering.

“It’s very different, very much apples and oranges. We’re structural, this is fire in the forests,” he says.

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Vancouver crews were able to use their expertise protecting buildings and homes in the interior, he notes.

It was Dubbert’s first experience fighting wildfires and says it was an eye-opening experience for himself and his team.

“I think everybody came away with just an appreciation and understanding for the crews that are actually there working on the fire lines and what they’re able to do in the frontlines,” he says. “It’s very eye-opening and you’re a little bit humbled with seeing how hard some of these people work.”

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Dubbert and his team were deployed to Fort St. James in August, noting the firefighting efforts required everyone to step in.

“To see how big of a process it is when there’re active wildland fires, it really is a huge, huge scope and there are so many resources tied into it.”

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If given the opportunity he said he would definitely volunteer again.

Even though the state of emergency has been called off, there are still more than 450 wildfires around B.C.

-With files from Hana Mae Nassar