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Crews will be at Brockton Oval all week cleaning up after Skookum

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The clean-up is underway at Brockton Oval and crews plan to be in Stanley Park all week following some damage caused by the rain during this weekend’s Skookum Festival.

Shauna Wilton, deputy general with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, says thanks to the bone-dry summer weather this year, the rain damage was not too extensive, as the ground could absorb more water.

“There was protective covering put down on the actual oval, the cricket pitch, so it has been protected quite well,” Wilton tells NEWS 1130. “We’ll look at it over the next day or so, whether there’s any closures that are required, but on the whole, the team is quite pleased with how the fields survived the event.”

She says that after the clean-up from the festival is wrapped up, teh park board will assess teh final damage and update those who make regular use of it.

“We didn’t have any events planned in that space for that time and then we’ll look at whether we need to close those fields, and if that’s the case, we’ll work with any events or sport user groups that had anything planned.”

Thousands of music fans braved the weekend of rain to enjoy the likes of The Killers, Florence and the Machine, and Blue Rodeo at the first Skookum Music Festival.

with files from Lasia Kretzel