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Canada's front far from united as NAFTA negotiations continue: Andrew Scheer

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer speaks to reporters after a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Patrick Doyle)

Scheer has been critical of the Liberal government's negotiating strategy

Ottawa and Washington are trying to hash out a new deal by the end of this month

CANADA (NEWS 1130) – As NAFTA talks continue in the U.S. capitol, Canada’s Opposition leader is suggesting our position is “too weak” as pressure mounts to get a new deal done by the end of this month.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says negotiators need to beef up their position in the wake of a preliminary trade agreement the Trump administration struck with Mexico last month.

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“It’s been frustrating to watch our government on the sidelines for the past several weeks knowing that Mexico and the U.S. have come to agreements on serious parts of the deal that will affect Canada without our representatives even being at the table,” he says. “That’s very concerning and we’re very anxious about what the consequences of that are.”

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Scheer says the team should be holding the U.S. accountable.

“Canadians need to know that there were missed opportunities to strengthen our positions so that if we end up with a deal where we’ve had to make concessions and we don’t get anything in return, there were some of those that may have been avoided with a stronger position at the table,” he adds.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland refuse to disclose details in public, but key areas of concern remain pressure to allow more U.S. dairy products in Canada and get rid of the current dispute resolution process.

On Tuesday in Ottawa, former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney showed sympathy for Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying when he had that job, he didn’t have to deal with a U.S. President as contentious as Donald Trump.