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People still don't understand electoral reform referendum: Surrey Board of Trade


Surrey BOT says people need more time to understand the electoral reform referendum

60 per cent of board members would vote for status quo

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Just two days after B.C’s municipal elections wrap up, voters will be asked to vote again: this time in a referendum on electoral reform.

But business leaders are asking the government to hold off. Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita┬áHuberman┬ásays members of the public, and business owners, don’t fully understand what is happening.

“People were saying that they really don’t understand the different systems sufficiently. Several would like clear examples on what exactly it is they are voting for,” she said.

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The board hosted a panel discussion on the referendum this week. Even with experts on hand, she says business owners still didn’t feel like they had enough information on the different electoral systems, especially how they would impact the economy and their businesses.

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Huberman says the Elections B.C. website doesn’t clear everything up either. And even though the referendum campaign has been going for two months, she says they still need more time.

“How can we vote on something that we just have not had enough time to consider?” she said. “We just don’t want another HST referendum situation.”

As the panel wrapped up, 60 per cent of board members say they would vote for the status quo.

The mail-in referendum is being held from Oct. 22 to Nov. 2. You can find out more about the referendum on Elections B.C.’s website.