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'No single project' will address North Shore transportation challenges, says committee

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'Transportation systems have to be treated as one system' says MLA Bowinn Ma

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – People commuting to, through, or out of the North Shore are no strangers to traffic back-ups and delays, especially around rush hour.

A committee has released recommendations, aimed at resolving the issue of congestion in that region. The main message is that municipalities need to work together.

“Transportation systems have to be treated as one system, in order for them to function properly,” said North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma.

“If we want to improve transportation access and mobility for residents and for people who commute to the North Shore to work or to play, we have to look at a slate of projects,”¬†she said.

“Most of these projects focus on improving accessibility and mobility in ways that go beyond the single-occupancy vehicle.”

She said a committee looked at the feasibility of a number of ideas and proposals over the past several months. “It’s boiled down 270 different projects and ideas that have been talked about for many, many years… and narrowed them down to allow us to actually focus on what will actually work.”

Staff reviewed and rated whether things like expanding bridges, or even building a gondola are feasible for the North Shore. While they may not be things that will work (for now), Ma said the region needs to look at a slate of projects, rather than just one solution.

“Acknowledge that there is no single project that is going to solve the issue of traffic congestion or transportation challenges on the North Shore.”

The Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project was created with the goal of bringing different stakeholders together, to identify joins actions needed to address congestion issues in that region.