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Four in five British Columbians want a handgun ban: poll

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Poll finds 79% of people in B.C. support a handgun ban

Research Co. survey suggests 86% of people in B.C. want to ban military-style weapons

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Getting guns off the street is a huge issue in Metro Vancouver, especially in Surrey where it’s become a major talking point in the upcoming civic election. A new poll finds the push to ban handguns has a lot of support.

The survey from Research Co shows four-in-five British Columbians (79%) want them gone. When it comes to military-style weapons, the number is even higher (86%).

“Usually, when you ask questions related to firearms, there’s a big difference between urban and rural areas. Frankly… we don’t see it, this time around,” said Mario Canseco with the pollster.

“There’s definitely a lot of residents who believe that handguns are going to be used for crimes, that military assault weapons are not going to be used for hunting. They definitely would like to see both of those banned in their municipalities.”

Canseco adds there’s even more support for a ban in Surrey.

“We’re getting close to unanimity, when it comes to how Surrey residents feel about this. They’ve been affected by crime for a long time.”

He expects this will be a major issue in the upcoming civic election. “It’s a bit complex, because you do need to discuss this with the federal government… But this is definitely an issue where the candidates would not go wrong, if they say they support the ban.”

The issue is in the crosshairs after Montreal City Council passed a motion calling on the feds to implement a nationwide ban on handguns and assault weapons. Politicians there say municipalities should have a right to bring in the prohibition and would like to see them follow through.

 – With files from Dean Recksiedler