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B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation warns of email scam


B.C. Children's Foundation has issued a warning about a scam email

The foundation says the email attempts to gain access to people's PayPal accounts

The fraudulent email shows a PayPal receipt and appears to be from the foundation

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Someone’s trying to exploit donors at the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“It has been brought to our attention that there is an email going out and it’s a fraudulent attempt to gain access to individuals’ PayPal accounts,” explains Zdenka Buric, vice president of marketing and communications at BCCHF.

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According to the foundation’s website, the scam comes in the form of a fraudulent PayPal receipt by email that appears to be from the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation — but don’t be fooled; it’s not.

“The way that I understand it is that there’s an option to click on a link, which then prompts you to give them your personal information,” Buric adds.

It serves as a reminder, she says, that you should always be wary of any unusual or suspicious emails or phone call you might get, even if they claim to be from a reputable organization.

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Buric is assuring that all the information BCCHF has is uncompromised.

This is just another example of people trying to exploit others for personal gain.

“I think it’s always frustrating when something like this happens,” Buric admits. “The important thing for us is just to assure all of our donors that their information is safe. And for those people who are receiving this type of solicitation: take the time to check and don’t engage.”

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You’re also asked to forward the email to PayPal at spoof@paypal.com and delete the email right after.

If you’ve opened attachments linked to a phishing scam, it’s recommended you log into your account to review and keep an eye on recent transactions.