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Group rallies to protect greenspace from development in Surrey

(Source: Google Maps)

Members of Save Surrey Parks are hoping to gather enough support to protect a large forested area of Rosemary Heights

A citizens group wants greenspaces around Surrey protected from possible development

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – The proposed development of a forested park in Surrey has some people living in the area up in arms.

According to a citizens group, the city is hoping to build housing in a large forested area of Rosemary Heights. Members of Save Surrey Parks are now hoping to gather enough support to protect the vulnerable space.

“The purpose of it is to take as many parks and greenspaces in Surrey and to give them the full protection under the law,” Steve Pettigrew with the group says. “Rosemary Heights is one example of a park that we want to save or greenspace we want to save. It’s a very sensitive area, it’s right on top of the Nicomekl River.”

While he believes development is important, Pettigrew adds the right type of development needs to be considered. He says parks are places everyone can enjoy, and more needs to be done to ensure they last for future generations.

“And as we get more and more people moving into our cities, we need to have a space, a place to just go and retreat from the pressures and the stress of the city, and the parks and the green spaces are the perfect place for that,” he tells NEWS 1130.

With municipal elections just less than a month away, Pettigrew says the issue of greenspace in Surrey has become and election issue. “People are actually waking up and realizing that they do have a say and power in things,” he says.

The Save Surrey Parks group gathered Saturday morning to protest proposed development in the park.

“Rosemary Heights is a beautiful, forested area there. It’s one of the most important environmental hubs of the city. We want to work with the residents there, they’re really upset about this forest being developed.”