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RCMP investigating apparent dog poisoning in North Vancouver

Last Updated Sep 30, 2018 at 7:58 am PDT

Signs found near Lionsgate Christian Academy in North Vancouver. (Courtesy https://www.facebook.com/meaghanLP)

Dog gets seizures after eating what appeared to be bacon bits covered in a white powder

North Vancouver RCMP say while medical tests came back normal, poisoning not ruled out

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Less than a week after signs threatening dogs were reportedly posted near the Lionsgate Christian Academy in North Vancouver, a dog may have been poisoned.

The Australian Shepherd got seizures after eating what appeared to be bacon bits covered in a white powder while out for a walk on Tollcross Road Friday night.

“He’s unable to move, he really wasn’t able to lift his head or his leg, it was almost like his muscles were stuck in that way,” says vet nurse Meaghan Lind-Petersen, who treated the dog at the North Burnaby Pet Hospital.

“He is normally a very anxious dog but he was completely subdued.”

While the dog has had seizures before, the owners say it was different this time, according to Lind-Peterson.

Police say they’re not sure if it’s poisoning but they’re not ruling anything out.

“All medical tests seen on the dog has come back normal with no indication that it’s been poisoned and currently the investigation is ongoing,” says Sergeant Geoff Harder with North Vancouver RCMP.

“There’s a suspicion that it might have been poisoning. There are other explanations possibly, it’s possible that the medical testing didn’t pick up whatever it was.”

Threatening signs that were recently posted near where the poisoning may have happened are part of the investigation.

“The owner of the dog has reported that approximately a week ago there was a sign indicating something to the effect of ‘dead dogs don’t poop.’ so we’re following up with people about that,” says Harder.

There are currently no other apparent cases of dog poisoning.