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Food Fight: a book you can really sink your teeth into

Last Updated Oct 24, 2018 at 9:59 am PDT

(Source: National Geographic)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you like food and history, do we have the book for you. It’s called Food Fight, A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through The Ages.

Author Tanya Steel is a fan of history, and of food, and thought, what better way to combine the two. “Turns out, no-one’s ever done a book like this, particularly for kids,” she explains. “So, I spent three years researching and writing it, and I hope kids, and adults, are really happy with the result.”

Food Fight is chock full of fun facts, like how M&Ms were originally developed for the U.S. military during World War Two, “because, as the saying used to go, ‘it melts in your mouth, not in your hands and it would provide soldiers with some sweet comfort as well as energy.'”

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Steel bets you didn’t know this either. “Sheep poop was used, really, throughout human history to fire up ovens. So, there is a lot of stuff like that that kids are going to go, ‘Ew, that’s so gross! That’s so cool!”

She divided the book into 15 chapters starting with prehistoric times to 2050. Steel especially like the Romans. “They were just fascinating and they were crazy,” she says.

“A Roman general wanted to impress two friends. He invited them over for dinner and he spent the equivalent of three million US dollars for one dinner.”
That’s not all. “The rich Romans used to throw beef over into the Tiber River to prove that they had a lot of wealth and so they didn’t even need the beef that they had.”

There are other fun facts too, including how, during medieval times, some Germans paid their rent in cheese. Parents and kids will also like the 30 original recipes in the book, each specific to a particular time or place.