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Thanksgiving at the heart of Metro Vancouver's 54-40 this weekend after stolen guitars returned

Last Updated Oct 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm PDT

Dave Genn, lead guitarist for 54-40, says the theft of the precious guitars took the band out of its comfort zone at the Commodore this weekend. He thanks New Westminster police for their quick retrieval of the instruments. (Source: CityNews Vancouver video)

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 113) — Dave Genn and the rest of 54-40 are “very, very thankful” on this Thanksgiving for the recovery of their stolen guitars, which were stolen just before the weekend ahead of their show at the Commodore.

Genn says the police got a tip and executed the search warrant. The guitars that were returned, he says, were the “most precious” because they are used to record and tour and are most personal to the band.

“The other two guitars are newer guitars, only about 10 years old, they’d be easier to sell,” he tells NEWS 1130. “The vintage ones are very tricky to sell, very expensive, very distinctly marked with their scars from their 50 or 60 years on this earth, and would have a select clientele that would be able to purchase them.”

The band has had to borrow and rent equipment for their performance

“We were definitely out of our comfort zone this weekend at the Commodore, but we got through the shows,” he adds.”The show must go on.”

He thanks the band’s fans and the media for getting the word out about the theft and the police for retrieving the instruments.

“You hear a lot about what [the police] are doing wrong, but in this case, they were able to recover our instruments in less than 72 hours and we’re very, very thankful for their diligence and their excellent detective work,” Genn says.

However, the band will not stash away the guitars for safety reasons, Genn adds, because he feels the fans deserve the best sound and the band has earned the right to play them.

“We enjoy ourselvesĀ more when we play incredible instruments, so we’re going to keep doing that and we know we run the risk, but it’s the risks you take.”

-with files from Kurtis Doering