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Violent incident at SFU injures two students

Last Updated Oct 14, 2018 at 10:42 am PDT

File Photo: Robert C. Brown Hall, Simon Fraser University. (Source: Screenshot, Google Maps)

SFU says a male student hit a female student and threw a laptop and a chair

The student who caused the disturbance is no longer on campus

A teacher intervened, and recounts what happened

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – Two students were hurt after a violent incident at Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University last week.

An altercation broke out in a classroom at the Robert C. Brown Hall on October 3. According to the university, a male student struck a female student. An instructor stepped in and called for help.

The male student threw a laptop and a chair, left the room, and went into a second classroom where he continued to cause a scene. Campus security and the RCMP stepped in and removed the student from the campus.

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That student is no longer there, but it’s not clear whether he has been charged.

Witnesses describe what happened

Orion Kidder, the teacher who intervened, posted a statement on Twitter about the incident on Saturday night.

“I witnessed him lift his arm and hammer a female student in the face, and then he tore a phone off the wall before he came out into the hallway toward me,” he writes. “He threw a chair at one of my students, which I later found out gave them a concussion and came off them to hit a second student. The students were still understandably stunned at this point, so I yelled “Run!”

Professors Orion Kidder’s Twitter statement

One student who witnessed the altercation posted about the incident on Facebook. She says her class was attacked by a student who threw a chair and table at them, leaving one student with a concussion and a bloody face.

“My class heard the screams coming from this so our absolutely amazing prof, Orion, went to see what was wrong,” she writes. “He managed to get the student out of his classroom but when Orion told us to close and lock our classroom doors, we found there were no locks on the doors.”

School issues a statement about the incident.

SFU is staying the students had “minor” injuries, but it’s not clear what they are.

On Wednesday, October 3 in the late afternoon, Campus Security was alerted of an incident involving a student in a classroom in Robert C. Brown Hall. Campus Security arrived within three minutes and RCMP shortly thereafter. The situation was quickly resolved and the student in question removed from campus by the RCMP.

Two students suffered minor injuries and were supported by Campus Security who double as emergency first aid responders. Health & Counselling Services was alerted that evening and has resources available to provide supports to all involved.

The student in question is no longer on campus.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our students. We are actively monitoring the situation and supporting students who were involved to ensure they have access to any supports they may need