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BC Cannabis Stores website up and running

(Source: bccannabisstores.com)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – There have been line-ups, smoke-ups, and a lot of anticipation outside cannabis stores across the country Wednesday morning, on Day One of legal pot in Canada, but most consumers in B.C. are buying online.

There is only one BC Cannabis Store in the province. Anyone not in Kamloops is surfing the government website which, early Wednesday morning, seems to be handling any initial rush.

There is a selection of dried marijuana, oils and capsules for sale, though not everything is in stock and some products have limited availability.

It’s not just consumables — you can also buy accessories to prepare and ingest your purchase.

Advice about safe consumption is also prominent on the site with customers, especially pot novices, being told to take it slow.

And for the connoisseurs, there is a lot of information about marijuana’s aromatic compounds (know your terpenes!).

Whether it’s delicate, floral, peppery or invigorating, the palate of pot is explained in detail.