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A look at campaigning no-nos on election day


No radio, TV, newspaper ads for candidates allowed on civic election day

Paid social media campaign posts not allowed on Oct. 20th, but free ones are okay

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – They’ve been all over the region: Election ads have been spotted throughout Metro Vancouver over the last few weeks, trying to convince you the candidates in them should get your vote.

But come Saturday, that should change — for the most part.

On election day, the rules change for those trying to earn your vote. Election advertising is not allowed on voting day.

Andrew Watson with Elections BC says that includes radio, TV and newspaper ads as well as automated calls or text messages.

“Paid posts on social media are also not allowed on general voting day. But free social media posts are not considered election advertising and can be made on the 20th.”

Watson adds candidates can distribute signs, pamphlets, or posters. They are also allowed to hold campaign meetings or rallies — with a caveat.

“As long as they take place outside of 100 metres from a voting place,” explains Watson.

If you spot any campaigning rules being broken tomorrow, get in touch with Elections BC.

“We encourage voters to give us a call or reach out to us on social media if they see anything that they think might be in violation of those rules. We follow up on any complaint we receive. Certainly, on Saturday, we will be keeping a close watch on things,” says Watson.

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