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Chilliwack woman's trip to Halifax ends with lotto win

Last Updated Oct 19, 2018 at 1:35 pm PDT

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Karen Booth bought a last-minute Atlantic 49 ticket and won $1 million

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A Chilliwack couple is $1 million richer after a business trip ended with a lotto win in Atlantic Canada.

Karen Booth was in Halifax three weeks ago when her partner urged her to buy a last-minute lottery ticket.

“I got a text from my partner, and he’s like, ‘Hey, buy a ticket!’ I think the $60-million LottoMax was happening. He said, ‘Buy these tickets.'”

She paid an extra $1 to buy a quick pick into the Atlantic 49 draw and was stunned to learn she won. “I checked them out and was like, ‘Wow! Six numbers, that’s kind of cool’ I wasn’t sure what we won.”

Booth spoke to NEWS 1130 from Atlantic Canada on Friday. She’s taken a trip back there to claim her winnings.

She’s is still in shock over her win, calling it “surreal.”

When she told her kids, they were thrilled. “Our teenager said, ‘You’re not leaving town without me,’ so we have her with us.”

Booth is going to use the cash to pay off some debt, but she’s still deciding what to do with the rest.

“I’m just going to think about it. Maybe in a small town somewhere, a million dollars makes your life, right? B.C., it’s like ‘Be very careful.'” she laughs.