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Val van den Broek new mayor of Langley City, Jack Froese re-elected in Langley Township

Last Updated Oct 20, 2018 at 11:42 pm PST

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LANGLEY (NEWS 1130) – There’s a fresh face taking over the mayor seat in the City of Langley.

Val van den Broek, an incumbent councillor who’s served the city for four years in that role, has defeated Serena Oh and former B.C. MLA Peter Fassbender, who stepped down as mayor in 2013 for provincial politics.

van den Broek says she looks forward to working with city council. But right now, it’s about getting some rest.

“Good competition. That’s what democracy’s all about. The voters spoke. I came up on top. I wish him all the best,” said van den Broek of her run against Fassbender.

“I am so happy, I can’t even explain it,” Broek tells NEWS 1130. She says she’s used to working with Fassbender during his time as mayor. “Good competition, that’s what democracy’s all about.”

As for the first order of business? “I’m going to sleep tonight. I haven’t had a day off since the end of August. I was working full time at my job at the RCMP, plus campaigning, plus council.”


Nathan Pachal
Rosemary Wallace
Paul Albrecht
Gayle Martin
Rudy Storteboom
Teri James

School Board:

Tony Ward
Shelley Coburn

Meantime, a familiar face has reclaimed his position as mayor of the Township of Langley.

Jack Froese will serve another four years, his third term as mayor, in the Township. Homelessness and marijuana retail sales are issues he’d like to address… but also…

“One thing that’s been a big concern by a lot of voters… there’s the pace of growth and what falls from it — like congestion on our roads and a lack of schools… room at the hospital.”

He says he hopes to work on road improvements as step one.

Froese beat Anna Remenik with close to double the number of votes.

Elected Councillors:

  • David Davis
  • Eric Woodward
  • Kim Ritcher
  • Bob Long
  • Blair Whitmarsh
  • Steve Ferguson
  • Petrina Arnason
  • Margaret Kunst


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 – With files from Denise Wong and Estefania Duran