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Derek Corrigan lost but party still controls Burnaby council: SFU prof

Last Updated Oct 24, 2018 at 5:09 am PDT

After more than a decade in the mayor's chair, Derek Corrigan's reign ended after Independent candidate Mike Hurley (above) was elected. (Credit: Mike Hurley/Twitter)

Mike Hurley won over Burnaby's voters, but he still has to win the support of his BCA-dominated council

SFU political scientist Paddy Smith says there might be a chance to mend fences

Mike Hurley is optimistic that he'll be able to work things out with councillors

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – Burnaby residents voted for a change on Saturday, but making those changes happen at City Hall may not be so simple.

Mike Hurley could have some trouble getting what he wants with seven out of eight councillors being members of the Burnaby Citizen’s Association — Derek Corrigan’s party. Corrigan has been mayor since 2002, and some councillors have been with him since he was elected.

SFU political scientist Paddy Smith thinks their alliance with Corrigan could lead to a rough start for Hurley.

“Sometimes when you lose unexpectedly, and I think its fair to say Corrigan’s loss, for the BCA, was unexpected, there’s sometimes some angst and anger that persists for a little bit,” he says. “It may be a little bit bumpy at the beginning, it may get better, but… I would say, Hurley has the most difficult of the three big mayors.”

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He was referring to Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby.

Hurley could have trouble moving anything forward at council. He could even face the situation of not having any councillors second his motions.

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But, he might be able to count on one ally to at least put his motions on the table.

“Hurley, being elected as a new mayor, but with a council that includes…seven of his political enemies and one green,” he says. “He might be able to count on Joe Keithley.”

Hurley, however, is optimistic he’ll be able to move forward with his plans.

“Many things are difficult, but most things can be accomplished when you approach the right way and in the right spirit,” he says. “I am fairly confident that I can work with this council to move the right issues forward in housing.”

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To make that happen, Smith says he’ll have to collaborate with the BCA.

He might even be able to find some common ground with the party because of his background with the firefighers’ union.