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Thousands walk off the job as union workers enter day two of Canada Post rotating strike

Last Updated Oct 23, 2018 at 9:16 am PDT


Thousands of Canada Post workers have walked off the job on the second day of rotating strikes, this time in the GTA

MISSISSAUGA (NEWS 1130) – Picket lines are up again today targeting Canada Post.

Almost 9,000 Canada Post workers have walked off the job on the second day of postal disruptions, after Canada Post announced a rotating strike on Sunday.

The walk-off includes the GTA, and while the strike isn’t taking place all over Canada, it could well have an impact on provinces across the country.

This is because Toronto is a key processing hub, according to Canada Post, which means the strike could result in delays for parcel and mail delivery.

“The union’s rotating strike will, therefore, have a significant impact on our operations,” spokesman Jon Hamilton said. “Canada Post will make every effort to minimize the impact.”

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which represents 50,000 postal employees, launched rotating demonstrations in Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, Ont., and Halifax on Monday to pressure Canada Post into accepting contract changes.

The two sides have been bargaining separate contracts for rural and urban carriers, without success, over the past 10 months but there has been little progress in resolving critical issues, CUPW national president Mike Palecek said in a statement Monday night.

The union is also asking for gender equality language to be incorporated in any new deal and want an end to forced overtime.

Small businesses have been calling for a speedy end to the rotating walkouts, citing concern that a prolonged strike could chew into their profits ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

Canada Post said Monday it is committed to bargaining new collective agreements for its unionized employees, noting it has put forward “a significant offer” that includes wage increases, job security and improved benefits.