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North Shore gridlock a top priority for new District of North Vancouver mayor

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NORTH SHORE (NEWS 1130) –¬†While Surrey takes the spotlight after the civic elections — with promises to scuttle plans for light rapid transit in favour of SkyTrain — the North Shore’s new leaders have inherited their own transportation and transit issues.

Gridlock on the routes approaching the Iron Workers Memorial Crossing, along with the Lions Gate Bridge, is a regular occurrence.

District of North Vancouver mayor-elect Mike Little ran on promises to slow down the pace of development, blaming rapid growth and increased density for traffic increases and back-ups beyond what local infrastructure can handle.

Little also wants improvements to B-Line bus service to be added to the North Shore, but he says cities on the other side of the bridges need to be involved.

“I think one of our top priorities is going to be getting to the regional tables quickly and having a unified front for all of the North Shore,” he tells NEWS 1130.

“I’m going to have to sit down with the new mayors for North Vancouver City and West Vancouver to make sure we have a unified front, particularly on transit issues in our community.”

City of North Vancouver mayor-elect Linda Buchanan has a much different view of the area’s traffic woes, having suggested it is public misperception that exploding growth is behind back-ups — her municipality has actually seen some of the slowest growth in the region.

Little has said he and the North Shore’s other two new leaders have to do a better job of explaining the extent of the major backups on both the Iron Workers Memorial and the Lions Gate bridge to other municipalities.

He suggests it is in the best interest of cities like Burnaby and Vancouver to help because the backups end up clogging their roads as well.