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Younger people trying to move away from meat: study


New study led by Dalhousie University finds 1/3 of Canadians are actively looking to eat less meat over next 6 months

A study finds younger generations are driving a shift away from meat consumption in Canada

A new study out Tuesday morning from Dalhousie University shows many Canadians are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate meat from their diets.

The study reveals one third of Canadians want to limit how much meat they consume over the next six months, while more than half have at least thought about it.

“The younger generations are really driving this shift away from meat consumption,” Professor in Food Distribution and Policy Sylvain Charlebois explains. “Both the Generation Z and Millennials are really reconsidering or revisiting their relationship with animal proteins in general. It’s actually quite astounding.”

A number of factors are driving the change including health, animal welfare and the environment.

“I think what’s happening is more and more consumers feel empowered by the science we know, and are trying to make a difference,” Charlebois adds.

The study was done over the course of three days in September and involved over a thousand participants.

It also finds 42 per cent of so-called flexitarians — described as part-time vegetarians who enjoy meat from time-to-time — are from the “boomer” generation.

Charlebois says the results will help with understanding how Canadians view protein consumption and how it can affect their lives in the future.