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'Get the hell off my bus': Driver kicks off passenger in Vancouver after she apparently hit him

Last Updated Nov 23, 2018 at 4:59 pm PDT

Video shows altercation between a Vancouver bus driver and a passenger. (Source: Screenshot, Twitter video)

A video sent to News 1130 shows a bus driver yelling at a passenger to get off the bus after she apparently hit him

The woman got into a yelling match with the driver after she missed her stop

On Friday, TransLink confirmed they received a report that a bus driver was hit on the arm by a passenger

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A bus driver told a passenger in Vancouver on Thursday to “Get the hell off my bus.”

It happened on the 100 eastbound route Thursday afternoon.

A video sent to NEWS 1130 shows the bus driver yelling at a passenger after she apparently assaulted him when the bus was near the Knight Street Bridge.

“Get off my bus right now or I’m calling the cops. You don’t make contact with someone when they’re driving a bus full of people,” the driver shouted.

Steven, who took the video, says other passengers told him they saw the woman hit or touch the driver in some way. He says the woman approached the driver, yelling, after she didn’t pull the buzzer and missed her stop.

“She went from the back of the bus to the front of the bus, attempted to get the bus driver’s attention, apparently she hit or assaulted the bus driver in some way,” he said.

After the incident, there was “a lot of tension,” he says. “Obviously, this isn’t something most people see every day. A couple of people went up to the bus driver afterwards to make sure he was alright.”

Response from TransLink

TransLink’s Chris Bryan confirmed the incident in an email on Friday:

The incident in question occurred at about 4:30 yesterday (Thursday) on a 100 bus heading east on Marine Drive near Victoria Drive. A female customer became angry because the bus did not stop at her stop. According to the report on the incident, the woman hit the bus operator on the arm.

The safety of our employees and passengers is our top priority. As the operator clearly stated in the video, assaults on operators can put the lives of many people at risk.