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Close to 200 cabs could be added in Vancouver for busy holiday season


About 230 cabs could be on B.C. roads in time for the busy holiday season

The agency responsible for boosting taxi fleets has approved close to 200 just for Vancouver

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The agency responsible for processing taxi applications has approved the addition of 230 new cabs province-wide.

Passenger Transportation Board Chair Catharine Read says that includes 192 just in Vancouver.

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“Whether or not they get on the road for the festive season is up to the companies, but, in my view, they have enough time now certainly to get the conventional taxis in time for the holiday season. The accessible taxis, there’s a bit of a backlog. I can’t make promises about that, but it’s up to the companies now to get them on the road.”

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She admits the arrival of 63 accessible cabs, including 47 for Vancouver, may be delayed because orders on backlog could make it difficult to get those all in play by the end of the year.

“There was really good accessible service in some areas. The other thing that we have done that can increase accessibility is deal with some of the shift-change issues in areas where there’s a lot of traffic congestion.”

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Read says some applications are still being processed, but more taxis have also been approved for Surrey, Coquitlam and other parts of the Lower Mainland.

Earlier this year, we were told up to 500 cabs could be added to fleets around the province by December.

Applications are also being accepted for temporary ‘festive season’ operating permits giving cab companies permission to boost numbers until mid-January.