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Local vet sees spike in high dog cases post-legalization

Last Updated Nov 28, 2018 at 6:45 am PDT


A Coquitlam vet says he's seeing more cases of dogs getting high post-recreational pot legalization

Dr. Bassi admits dogs ingesting pot, getting sick isn't new, but says owners more open about symptoms with legalization

COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) – While Canadians can easily get recreational marijuana without flouting the law now that it’s legal, it appears the cases involving man’s best friend getting high are also increasing — at least in some cities.

Dr. Peter Bassi with the Central Animal Emergency Clinic says anecdotally, he estimates an increase in cases of about 35 to 40 per cent at his Coquitlam clinic.

“Because their noses are really, really active to the smell of marijuana, they can get attracted to it in the parks area,” he tells NEWS 1130.

He admits dogs getting into pot has always been something of an issue, but adds he believes people are being more open about what’s caused their dog’s symptoms now that recreational pot is legal.

Bassi urges people to be careful when it comes to storing their cannabis products, explaining he treated a dog who had eaten a pot cookie just the other night.

He’s recommending people toke up outside, rather than indoors.

“Get out of the house and do your stuff, and don’t let the dog come out until the fumes settle down. Then you can have your pet come out,” he says. “Walk your dog in a safe place and preferably in the daytime, not in the night, because in the nighttime you can’t even see, the dog can’t see what he’s ingesting.”

The vet would like to see the government educate the public on the side effects marijuana has on dogs.