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Auditor General won't approve B.C. Leg financial report in light of RCMP probe

BC Auditor General Carol Bellringer (Courtesy: bcauditor.com)

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) — B.C.’s Auditor General says a police investigation involving the top two officials at the B.C. Legislature is making it harder for her to do her job.

Carol Bellringer hasn’t received this year’s $80-million financial report for the legislature yet, and when she does she says she won’t approve it because she hasn’t been told if there’s a link to that RCMP probe.

“I’d actually go further than that and say that I’m not prepared to sign any audit opinions on anything until I know what’s going on.”

When asked if anyone has indicated whether her concerns will be addressed, Bellringer tells NEWS1130, “I haven’t been yet, so I don’t know when that’s going to happen.”

It’s been more than two weeks (Nov. 20th) since Legislature Clerk Craig James and Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz were placed on paid leave.


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An all-party legislative assembly management committee is meeting Thursday with Speaker Darryl Plecas who’s refusing to disclose why two special prosecutors have been appointed.

That group is responsible for approving financial statements before they’re reviewed by Bellringer.

“There is a meeting of the legislative assembly management commission,” he says. “There may be more information there. I don’t have additional information at this point.”

James and Lenz have repeatedly denied any wrong-doing and claim they have no idea why they’re under investigation.