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City of Richmond launches investigation after Safe Child Coalition video posted online

Last Updated Dec 5, 2018 at 6:24 am PDT

The City of Richmond says it's opened an investigation after a man wearing what appears to be a vest with the city's logo became the subject of a Safe Child Coalition video. The video was posted to Ryan LaForge's (pictured) Facebook account. (Screenshot Facebook video)

City of Richmond launches investigation after man targeted in Safe Child Coalition video posted online

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) – The City of Richmond has launched an internal investigation after a video was posted online.

The video was posted to the Facebook account of Ryan LaForge, who was the president of the controversial vigilante group, Creep Catchers, and now apparently represents a group by the name Safe Child Coalition.

The footage appears to capture a confrontation between LaForge and a man, who is wearing what looks to be a city staff vest.

The Creep Catchers group had been known for its member posing as minors online, using dating sites to lure adults it says are looking for sex before confronting and filming them.

The latest video posted shows LaForge walking behind a man, who heads for his car, and captures their exchange.

LaForge can be heard introducing himself to the man as being with the “Safe Child Coalition,” and at one point points out the man’s grey vest says “staff” with the City of Richmond logo on the chest.

The man is then seen using his backpack, seemingly to cover up his front.

LaForge asks the man whether he “has ever heard of Creep Catchers”, to which the man replies “no.”

He’s briefly prevented from closing his car door, before deciding to just drive away with it open, and then closing it.

Ted Townsend with the City of Richmond says it is aware of the video and has brought it to the attention of appropriate authorities.

The Richmond RCMP says it is not involved because the incident happened in Surrey.