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30% of Canadians change thermostat settings without telling their partner: poll

Last Updated Dec 6, 2018 at 12:22 pm PDT

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New poll finds 30 per cent of Canadians in a relationship admit to changing heat settings without telling partner

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Have you found yourself cranking up the heat more often in recent weeks?

According to a new survey from Research Co., two in five people say they’ve been turning up the thermostat because it’s been so cold and in some cases, they’re doing it sneakily.

Three in ten people who were in a relationship say they change the temperature without telling their significant other.

While not a high number, eight per cent said they did so “all of the time”, while 22 per cent said they turn up the heat without telling their spouse or partner “most of the time”.

A mere 19 per cent said they’ve “never” done it.

Three-in-ten Canadians in a relationship (30%) admit that they change the temperature at home without telling their spouse or significant other “all of the time” (8%) or “most of the time” (22%), while just 19% say they have “never” done this.

“Women are more likely to acknowledge that they adjust the thermostat without telling their spouse or partner than men (25%),” Mario Canseco, President of Research Co, explains.

When we look at the results regionally, Quebecers were the ones to most likely say they would never change the settings without consulting their partner first.

The least likely to do so? People from British Columbia.

Canseco adds women are more likely to say changing the temperature at home is a joint responsibility, while men most often said they were solely responsible for home heating settings.