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More rain means more potential dangers warns North Shore Rescue

Last Updated Dec 13, 2018 at 11:05 am PDT

FILE: Members of North Shore Rescue. (Courtesy North Shore Rescue)

The North Shore Rescue team is asking hikers to be safe when outdoors

NSR warns heavy rainfall means more potential dangers when hiking

NORTH SHORE (NEWS 1130) – The storm system throwing rain onto the Lower Mainland is bringing with it some potential dangers to be aware of if you’re on the local mountains.

Mike Danks with North Shore Rescue says hikers should be aware of the varying conditions at different elevations and be prepared.

He says at lower elevations, water levels are usually very high, which is why he says it’s important to stay away from any creeks and keep dogs on leash.

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“In conditions like this, there’s not much anyone can do to assist in a rescue for someone that has gone in the creek.”

Meantime, higher up means more snow, which Danks warns can make for unstable terrain.

“Be wary of also the slope that you’re walking on and making sure that that slope is stable,” he adds. “I mean we’ve had a number of landslides that have happened in the past.”

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Boundaries are in place for a reason, so stay within the areas that are open, he adds.

Danks says it’s also important to let someone know where you’re going and when you’re expecting to be back. He adds hikers should also have a light source and satellite device with them.