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Man charged after bank robbery, VPD says he may be linked to several others

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A man has been arrested after reportedly being caught robbing a bank on Sunday

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A man is behind bars after he was reportedly caught in the act of a bank robbery, Vancouver Police say, adding he’s also believed to be linked to 11 others.

It happened on Sunday when the VPD says two plain clothes officers — who were aware of a string of robberies — set their sights on on and surveilled the few banks that were open that day in the downtown area.

It was around 2:00 p.m. when police say the officers noticed a man enter a bank and begin to reportedly rob the place.

He was arrested shortly after leaving and is still in custody.

Fifty-year-old Darwin McGrath has been charged with one count of robbery, and police say more charges are possible in relation to 10 other bank robberies in Vancouver and one in Surrey.

“We are very proud of our two patrol officers who went beyond the call and brought an end to a series of dangerous robberies that were continuing at an alarming rate,” Sergeant Jason Robillard says in a release.

He says no one has been hurt in any of the incidents.

“Although no physical injuries were reported in any of the robberies, these types of crimes can be emotionally distressing for anyone involved.”