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No, you can't park outside Rogers Arena; lack of signage confuses drivers

Last Updated Dec 20, 2018 at 1:54 pm PDT

Two signs bookend this stretch of Griffiths outside Rogers Arena. (Tim James, NEWS 1130)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Drivers who think they’ve found a dream parking spot outside Rogers Arena are likely to find themselves with an unexpected ticket if they park on Griffiths Way, the road between B.C. Place and the arena.

NEWS 1130 has observed several cars parking next to the Aquilini Centre over the last few months. Currently one “no parking” sign is used to enforce about 100 metres of curb.

“It’s very confusing and very dangerous,” says David, who parked his car in a no-parking space on Griffiths Way earlier today. “It’s not reasonable.”

A spokesperson for the City of Vancouver said construction of the Aquilini Centre could be to blame for drivers who aren’t aware of the restrictions.The lamp standard used to house the regulatory signage was removed for new development, and staff will review ways they can improve the signage in the area, according to the City.

Parking restrictions in Vancouver are often marked by two signs book-ending the restriction area. But not here. The city says it’s not required, but they try to make signs clearer for people looking to park their cars legally. There is also no requirement for how many signs should be posted within a particular distance.

Generally, one sign will cover until the next intersecting street, but the City generally puts up signs every 30-60 metres.

This part of 800 Griffiths Way is described as no parking and no stopping, but there is no *no stopping* sign next to the Aquilini Centre.

Despite that, the City of Vancouver tells NEWS 1130 you’ll be ticketed for stopping even if signage is missing.

City responds

Following the publication of this story, a spokesperson for the City of Vancouver says they will install new signs Friday, weather permitting.

“The reinstallation of the lamp standards following the development seems to have been an oversight and temporary signs will be installed tomorrow, weather-permitting, in anticipation of a more permanent solution,” reads the statement.