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Crooks use Coquitlam Mayor's name in email gift card scam

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Scammers are using Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart's name to get them to buy gift cards

A city employee got the email, and brought it to his attention

COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) — If you get an email from the Mayor of Coquitlam asking you for help, it’s probably not as it seems.

Richard Stewart says scammers have been sending emails using his name to try and get people to buy him gift cards. Now he’s warning people after a city employee got an email from someone pretending to be him.

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Richard Stewart says the email was flagged, but he’s worried about similar things happening to other businesses.

“It’s frightening because they send out thousands of these. Someone’s going to say it must be my CEO that’s actually asking me to do this,” he says. “I just urge people that if they get anything like that and it doesn’t make sense, just ignore it. But if it sounds legitimate, at least verify by voice with the person that sent the email.”

He joked that is he ever asks anyone to buy him things, it will be in person and it might be for dark chocolate.

The city employee who got the email questioned it and no-one was scammed.