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Malls overflow with shoppers trying to find last-minute gifts

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Shoppers filled Pacific Centre Mall in Downtown Vancouver on Sunday hoping to find last-minute gifts

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Last minute shoppers are flocking to malls, hoping to cross some gifts off their shopping lists.

Customers were circling the parking lot at Pacific Centre Mall in Downtown Vancouver looking for a spot to finish up their holiday shopping. Inside, shoppers flocked to different stores, many lugging around dozens of bags.

Helen was just one of the shoppers hoping to grab some last minute gifts for her parents.

“I’m shopping for my parents and trying to see if there are any good deals,” she says. “It’s just all a last-minute scramble to try to get them something they like.”

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She says she’s done some shopping here and there in the past few weeks, but was hoping for more sales to kick in.

Kelsey finally finished buying gifts for her family, but isn’t expecting any surprises under the tree come Christmas morning.

“When you’re, like, old, you don’t have surprises anymore, it’s just like ‘hey I want this’ and ‘hey I want this,’ and okay, and that’s the end of it.”

Others like Ron, went down to the mall with friends, despite having all his shopping done weeks ago: “I finished all my shopping these last two weeks as I knew malls are going to be crazy with people buying last-minute gifts.”

He says it was easier to get it all done ahead of time, and not have to deal with mobs and packed parking lots closer to Christmas.