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The 'Coaster' at Playland named top wooden rollercoaster in Canada

(Source: facebook.com/PNE.Playland)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – One of the Playland’s highest profile rides is getting more recognition.

The “Coaster” has been named the top wooden rollercoaster in Canada by readers of an online magazine for coaster addicts.

Ellocoaster says the ride “runs exactly as it has since 1958 with handbrakes, classic trains and genuinely terrifying airtime.”

“The train rumbles out of the station after the ride op releases the brakes with a giant handle sticking up out of the station floor. A long, slow turn past some nice landscaping leads to the lift hill. The first drop is speedy, but not very steep. With the lap bar so high above your legs, though, you still get a bit of jitters as you head down the incline,” Ellocoaster describes in a full profile of the ride.

The “Coaster” ranks 12th worldwide.

A ride in Sweden is number one.