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Cloverdale group says parts of Surrey are over-developed, pledges to fight future projects

Surrey City Hall (NEWS 1130 File Photo)

Cloverdale Community Association threatens to push back against increased development, wants to see more infrastructure

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Some people in Surrey have had enough.

They are threatening to push back against increased development until council comes through with more infrastructure.

“This is something that mayor and council actually ran their campaign on. We expect that they will follow through with it,” said Mike Bola with the Cloverdale Community Association.

He says as some parts of Surrey struggle with over-development, areas like Cloverdale are being left behind.

“We’ve had a lot of development over the years and we’ve even worked with developers because there were promises of infrastructure to be put in place, such as the skating arenas.”

It’s prompted the group to take a stance when it comes to any and all projects brought to city council.

“It seems like there’s more effort put towards the Surrey Centre side and not enough in Cloverdale. Yet, development is still occurring … We will be taking official positions on every development that we receive in the City of Surrey,” Bola said.

Bola says his group plans on attending each meeting, and bring their concerns directly to the mayor and council.