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Delta School District seals donation bins after deaths in West Van and Toronto

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Delta School District is sealing its clothing donation bins in light of recent bin-related deaths

The district can't remove the bins because they don't belong to them

DELTA (NEWS 1130) — A number of clothing bins in Delta have been sealed.

According to Delta School District, it is closing them off as a safety precaution to protect students and staff. Jenn Hill with the district says trustees and senior district staff decided to seal the bins in light of recent bin-related deaths in West Vancouver and Toronto.

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“It’s deeply concerning and it’s really tragic, the situations that have happened here in the Lower Mainland and of course back in Toronto,” she says. “We just really felt that, to ensure the safety of our students, that we should lock off these bins.”

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She says the decision is a proactive one, adding there haven’t been any reports of people being harmed by the bins on school property.

“We’re really just looking at those that are located on our school site to be proactive and make sure that there’s no concern for the public as far as safety,” she says.

But the District doesn’t own the bins, so they’re not able to make any permanent modifications or remove them. Hill says the school says Delta’s fire department is in talks with the bin owners about what to do with them in the future.

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It’s unclear how many bins are on school property at this time, but the existing bins will be sealed and signage put up saying they are out of service.

Hill wants to add that they hope people can still donate to other community charities in the area.