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Fans of beloved bar lament Roosters closure

Last Updated Jan 11, 2019 at 9:00 am PDT

PITT MEADOWS (NEWS 1130) — A bar in PItt Meadows that was a hit with students and country music fans is closing in two weeks, and fans are taking to social media mourn the end of the business.

Pitt Meadows Mayor Bill Dingwall says Roosters’ closure marks the end of an era. He says a lot of people from around the Lower Mainland visited the bar, and hopes it will be replaced with possibly a nice restaurant.

“I think it was a destination for quite a few people, particularly those in their 20s and 30s, and even 40s,” he says.

But the bar had a mixed history. He says a lot of people have fond memories from when they were younger, but with any establishment with liquor, he says there have been some problems.

“With any establishment that has liquor, we’ve had our incidents, some serious incidents, outside,” he says. “But for the most part, I think it was a place where people went and enjoyed and built relationships and that sort of thing. It has had a long history in Pitt Meadows.”

He says he does expect some people will lament the closure.

“I’m sure a lot of relationships grew into marriages, and so it has been one of those types of places in Pitt Meadows for a long time, especially for the country folk,” he says. “A lot of them learned how to line dance at Roosters.”

In a news release, the Joseph Richard Group, which runs 25 bars, restaurants and liquor stores has announced it’s taking over the building now occupied by Roosters. It’s not clear what the new owners intend to do with the space.

“We have felt the location and space is perfect for what we are doing,” CEO Ryan Moreno said in a release, adding that the community has a “great vibe and demographic for what we want to do there.”