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White Rock businesses continue to struggle with cell service following major storm

White Rock Pier destroyed by a windstorm. (Source: Tyler Ingram, Twitter)

White Rock BIA says several members have run into issues with day-to-day operations because of patchy cell service

Businesses in White Rock continue to struggle with cell service after last month's windstorm knocked out the tower

WHITE ROCK (NEWS 1130) – If you’re down in White Rock, you may still have patchy cell reception after last month’s storm damaged the pier and the towers on it.

As it turns out, businesses by the water are also having troubles with day-to-day operations as a result.

Alex Nixon with the White Rock Business Improvement Association says several of his members have reported problems with cell service.

“Particularly they use their cellphones for business and wholesale business, and also, you know, it’s a safety issue, right? For people who live down there if they only have cell phones, because it means that they can’t contact emergency services if that’s needed.”

While repairs are up to the companies — Telus, Rogers and Bell — the city says it will help where it can by giving them access to the areas they need.

“We started conversations earlier on once the cell tower went out to figure out how do we provide them the ability to go and do their assessment,” the city’s Farnaz Farrokhi tells NEWS 1130.

“Once both providers have completed their assessments, we expect some solutions to be determined,” she adds. “If they determine where it’s going to be, certainly if it’s going to be on a city property, that’s where we would step in and to help support.”

Rogers — the parent company of NEWS 1130 — says it is working on repairs, while Telus says it has adjusted its other equipment to try to fill gaps in coverage.

Bell says its service has been fully restored.