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Vancouver man thankful following double-lung transplant

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A Vancouver man, who five months ago couldn’t leave his home, just went on his first walk through the park in years without an oxygen tank following a double-lung transplant.

George Hall had been living with a chronic respiratory illness that reduced his lung capacity to just 16 per cent and the wildfire smoke this past summer had him confined indoors.

But after months of waiting on a donor list, he finally got the call for a double lung transplant.

“I feel like I’m a 20-year-old not,” Hall said. “Being able to just walk around the block without a hose attached to me. It’s a very nice, free feeling.”

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George still has to take it easy, his surgery was two weeks ago and doctors tell him it will be another year before his lungs are at full capacity.

His wife Barbara said their life has completely changed.

“Lots of walks on the sea wall and lots of other parks that we can go to,” she added. “I used to do a lot of walking and I had to go by myself and now I have my partner back to walk with me.”

George is one of 400 people in B.C. whose lives were saved last year thanks to organ donation.