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Rats move into U-Haul storage unit on Marine Drive


A woman renting a storage unit on SE Marine Drive says her climate-controlled storage unit has been overtaken by rats

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Renters of what was supposed to be a climate-controlled storage unit at a Vancouver Uhaul facility found it had been taken over by rats.

Alessandria Guttridge has been paying a premium to rent a climate controlled storage unit at Uhaul on SE Marine Drive. She pays $300 a month in rent. Guttridge has been keeping her belongings in the unit for the past few months as she moves and gets settled in her new home in the Okanagan.

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A few days ago she asked her brother to stop at the unit, and he found some things she hadn’t planned on keeping there.

“He opened the door and noticed rat feces, rat droppings and the entire unit smelled like rat pee,” she says. “Look at all the poo and shit everywhere.”

Guttridge says that when she and her brother complained to the company they received little sympathy or help.

“They offered him no assistance, no protective gear, no mask or anything of the sort, just gave him gloves and said have at ‘er, and basically everything is completely ruined,” she says.

CityNews reached out to Uhaul for comment but they have not responded. According to the company’s website however, Uhaul policy is not to cover damaged property in the unit, and encourages the owner to purchase insurance for their items.

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“I guess my question is why would we need to pay $300 a month if that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be kept safe?” Guttridge says. “Why not just put them in a shed somewhere and hope for the best?

Guttridge says the manager of this location did call her over the weekend and offered her three months rent credit towards a new unit, but she doesn’t plan on leaving her belongings with the company ever again.